What is the Best Generator For Coffee Van to Buy? [ANSWERED]

If you are just starting your coffee van or truck outlet, it is advised that you know every bit of the business before venturing into it. One of the most important things to have full knowledge about is knowing the type of generator that suits your coffee van or truck.

This cannot be determined if you don’t know the number of equipment or gadgets you have on board. Afterward, you need to know their total voltage/capacity to run. Calculating the entirety of your gadgets makes it easier for you to go get the right generator on the market.

Sometimes, some appliances need a higher capacity to get started (this is known as the starting wattage), but need a little amount of power to get running. That is why there are two kinds of loads, reactive and resistive. In this article, we will be discussing the necessary details to note before going ahead with your coffee business.

Best Generator For Coffee Van

To power all the sensitive and important appliances in your van, you need to look out for the top-rated generator for your coffee van or bus. This will help in avoiding noise, disturbance, consistent serving, or repair, but rather open you to higher productivity, easy business on a daily, plus other results. The following are the best generators on the market:

  • Yamaha EF6300iSE

All you need do is ask the series of mobile food vendors and coffee makers around, to know their choice as far as a generator for their van is concerned. Don’t be surprised if most of them say, Yamaha. This brand has proven to be one of the best on the market.


It is capable of running heavy-duty appliances and grinders, lights, tills, fridges, grinders, and coffee machines.

The generator will make your business noise-free, while your customers keep coming for more. Additionally, it is light in weight, it comes with wheels that make it easy to mobilize, while the handles also give you a comfortable carriage.

Speaking about fuel, the inbuilt throttle, which is smart as anything on earth, consumed less amount of fuel, even for long hours. You got nothing to worry about with the 4-year warranty it comes with too.

  • Brigg & Stratton Q6500

It is great and applaudable power potential and effective capacity for electronics with high starting and running watts. It was first introduced in 2018, and since then, everyone has been talking about it.

From home back-up to coffee cart, mobile food van, or small business back-up, the 6500 watts inverter generator from the stables of Briggs & Stratton, got you covered. While it offers 6500 starting watts, incredibly, the running watts deliver at 5000.

It is also light and easy to carry or mobilize, with the USB charging ports on it, you have an extra feature for your business or customers. It is an in-built adjustment system that balances the speed of the engine whenever sensitive electronics like laptops, tablets and smartphones are plugged in.

  • MaxWatt 4500W Petrol Inverter Generator

MaxWatt won’t tear your pocket with the best feeling and service it delivers. This inverter generator is ideal for medium and small coffee carts or food vans. 3700W is the starting watts, while it can run for even 9 hours on a running capacity of 4500W, depending on the load you put in engagement.

The inverter generator converts petrol to function, and it does not emit smoke or produce noise. For portability, it comes with handles and in-built wheels. Plus, it runs at 62dB on 7 meters.

  • DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

This generator is available in both Blue and Black, and it is approved by the State, having passed through the necessary testing processes. It has a running watt on 4500 counts, and a starting capacity of 5,500 Watts. Be it a refrigerator, lights, PC, smartphone, or gadgets with high voltage and capacity, this generator got you covered.

The shutoff of oil is low, and you can choose to either make use of propane or gasoline to run your trade and coffee business. You can have multiple jobs, power tools with high running watts, and any other thing since it has a 224cc OHV kind of engine.

RVs are also available for use as you can choose to either run it on 120V and 240V at the same time or just 120V for a full carriage. Lastly, it is not heavy, hence, it can be mobilized at ease without an itch.

  • WEN DF1100T

I bet you are going to enjoy every bit of the features and capacity on this one. It is grand in style and powerful to do anything. With a dual fuel system, you can choose to either make use of petroleum gas or gasoline.

There is a selection dial that gives you comfort and ease in switching. For gasoline, you run on 8,300Watts and start on 11,000 watts, while, whenever you make use of propane you get to enjoy a 9,500 surge of watts in starting, and 7,500 o run the generator on all appliances. This generator is great, once it is put to work.

Just like the previous brand of generator for your coffee van, this one also works with two voltage systems from 120V, up to 240V, at ease. It has an electric ignition system and makes you worry less about noise.

  • Champion Power Equipment 100891                            

Champion Power Equipment has been on the minds and in the hands of many for several years, and, ideally, you know more about it before you go ahead in making a finite choice. It works on a dual fuel system, which could either be gasoline or propane.

For propane, it starts with 8,400 WATTS, and runs on 6,650 WATTS, the electric start gives you the ultimate kick-off without stress. This generator is ideal for job-site ad home backup works. It is powerful and versatile in its delivery. I am pretty sure Champion will suit your needs and conveniently power all your appliances.

On the downside, it is quite heavy, gives too much noise when in use, and has some issues in the process of controlling. However, it has unending technical support, amazing power output, a fuel gauge, and a digital monitoring system.

Ensure that the environment where you make use of this generator is not enclosed because there is no sensor for carbon monoxide. Put it in a place that is 20 feet away from your house to avoid dangerous fumes and 5 feet off combustible material.

  • Westinghouse WGen7500 Home Backup Portable Generator

Be it the electric or remote start, you get to enjoy 11 straight running hours without an itch. It has a starting capacity of 9,500 watts, and the power to run on 7,500 watts. Its AC voltage can either be 120V or 240V making it smooth to power almost all the appliances in your home, coffee van, or food outlet.

Although you might hear a little bit of engine noise while it is in use, the exhaust sound is as silent as a graveyard. Speaking about the weight, it weighs 200 pounds if it is filled with either gas or oil and 197 pounds when it is dry.

Why Pick a Generator For a Coffee Van?

Every appliance in your coffee van or truck comes with a manual or has a nameplate at the bottom. Hence, to know the capacity of each of them, which determines the number of volts your generator must have, you need cautiously check them all and do a little mathematics.

Amps is the tag given to appliances’ power requirements, and watts are for the power output. Therefore, conversion is needed to balance things and avoid faults. There are two types of generators for coffee vans, we have inverter generators and conventional ones.

Varieties of generators are on the market, but these are the main ones. The inverter generators make use of advanced circuitry when it comes to having a multi-phase AC power down to DC power before it is inverted to AC power cleaner. Inverter generators can also make you consume a little amount of fuel for a longer time frame because the engine speed is quite adjustable.

It gives safety to sensitive and important equipment while delivering smooth electrical signals. However, it is quite pricey than the conventional generators, and can conveniently operate multiple units on a parallel drive.

The conventional generators, do have an unchangeable basic concept, while their motor is coupled with a unit that produces AC power, known as an alternator which is made to ride on a frame for rolling over.

It is not as expensive as inverter generators, and the parallel operation that is unique to inverter generators is not a feature you should be expecting from them. Additionally, they are usually heavier than inverter generators. Plus, several models of generators are on the market, and some of the most purchased models are Yamaha and Honda.

What Size Generator Do I Need To Run A Coffee Machine?

You must have, at least, a coffee inverter generator that has 750 watts on minimal and 1000 at max. On an advanced wave, the espresso machine will need a generator with 2000 watts.

For a balance, you would need between 20 to 40 amps if you will be making ceaseless cups of coffee on a daily. Although, a 150-watt capacity is ideal to be safe side. There is a simple formula that allows you to know the exact size of the generator for your coffee machine.

All you need do is add the number of watts on your coffee makers by 20%; there, you have the inverter size that is suitable for your business.

Plus, let us assume that your coffee machine is known to have 1,000 watts, you need to ensure that your inverter has 1,200 watts, at least. This will give it enough capacity to run because the efficiency of your inverter is not static, it could lose some power in the course of the conversion process between DC to AC.

Wattage / Engine / Run Time / Starting / Mobility

Before you decide on your generator size for a coffee machine, your power requirements are meant to be considered. One will great and high wattage makes it easy for you to run several appliances and items without getting aches.

Since features like wattage, engine, run time, starting, and mobility are what to be put into consideration, here is a generator sizing sheet that will make you a concrete take on starting and running watts for your exact needs.








60 Watts Light bulb 60 0
70 Watts Light bulb 70 0
1/3 HP Sump Pump 1140 2850
1/3 HP Water well pump 575 1440



Freezer/Refrigerator 700 220
625 Watts Microwave Oven 625 0
1000 Watts Microwave Oven 1000 0
Coffee Maker 1000 0
8” Element Electric Stove 2100 0
Hot Dry Dishwasher 1500 1500
Food Procesor 400 0
Toaster Oven 1200 0
Toaster 850 0



Iron 1200 0
Gas Clothes Dryer 700 1800
Electric Clothes Dryer 5400 6750
Washing Machine 1150 2250



Space Heater 1800 0
13 Gall Humidifier 175 0
½ HP Furnace Fan Blower 800 2350
1/3 HP Furnace Fan Blower 700 1400
10k BTU Window AC 1200 3600
12k BTU Window AC 3250 9750
10k BTU Central AC 1500 4500
24k BTU Central AC 3800 11400
Heat Pump 4700 4500



VCR 100 0
27” Color TV 500 0
Video Game System 40 0
Security System 500 0
1250 Watts Hair Dryer 1250 0
Curling Iron 1500 0
Electric Grill 1650 0
AM/FM Radio 100 0
DVD/CD Player 100 0
Mobile Phone Charger 10 0



300 Watts Quartz Halogen Work Light 300 0
1k Watts Quartz Halogen Work Light 1000 0
1/3HP Airless Sprayer 600 1200
Reciprocating Saw 960 0
3-8” 4 Amps Electric Drill 440 600
1-          5.4 Amps Electric Drill 600 900
7-1/4” Circular Saw 2100 5250
Hammer Drill 1600 1400
1 HP Air Compressor 1600 4500
¼ HP Air Compressor 975 1600
Belt Sander 1200 2400
6” Planer/Jointer 1800 4500




Appliance Running (Rated) WATTS Additional Starting Watts
17” Computer Monitor 800 0
Fax Machine 65 0
Laser Machine 950 0
Copy Machine 1600 0


As a rule of thumb, you will need to sum up the amount of Running Watts on all the appliances in your van, then head for the items on the list of additional starting watts, which must be summed up.

Then, add the result of the total Running Watts with the total of the Additional Starting Watts. When you get this, it means you will need to get a generator that gives the exact running watts in total, and has the total starting watts of both the figure got when you added all running watts plus additional starting watts.

How To Power A Coffee Machine In A Van

A couple of ways can be adopted to power your coffee machine, however, you can either make use of any of the basic and most used ways, which could be with the use of an inverter or a generator as a main supplier of power.

What Size Generator To Run Coffee Maker?

On average, judging according to a standard coffee maker that can make between 8 to 12 cups, a 1000-watt coffee maker is suitable to get things done.

For reliability purposes, it is ideal you first know about the wattage requirements of your coffee maker along with other electronic appliances you will be making use of. This will help you to have an edge and full capacity on your trade without an itch.

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