What is the Best Coffee Machine For Catering Van? [See Here]

Owing a catering van comes with several preparations and gadgets to meet costumer’s preferences and satisfaction, since beverages are one of the things you must put in place, you must look out for an ideal, efficient, and suitable coffee machine.

Asides from the fact that you can go with any kind of coffee machine, you need to put some things into consideration. First is the combination of power source, then size (concerning the space available in your van), and the number of coffee cups to be timely made. For ultimate capacity and production, you need something that operates with LPG gas or electricity.

On rare occasions, some brands provide both gas and electric provisions to make things easy and alternative. Several ones work on 3-4kw, which means you will need a generator to get things on point. While you should not forget that you will need a grinder, fridge, plus a few other things.

However, this article will help you with all you need to know about the best coffee machines for your catering van, hence, you will want to follow to the very end. They have proven to be top-notch, and steadily deliver great products with amazing features, stick around.

What is the Best Coffee Machine for Catering Van?

Over the years, the food business has become the talk and action of the town, which makes almost every street or gathering come across own one or several outlets. As a result of this, people look out for quality, sumptuous, and competent vendors to trust their stomach businesses with.

Therefore, as a coffee maker or food vendor, you need machines, gadgets, and catering vans that will make things work to your taste. You need not stress yourself, keep reading to know the top and best coffee machine for your catering van.

  • Hamilton Beach 49976 Coffee Maker

This brand has a 5-star rating on the market due to its versatility, easiness, and amazing flavor. You can make use of it with the combo, single servers, k-cup pods, full 12c pot, and even on the grounds. Options are available with stressless handling, you can choose to brew 12 cups by utilizing the ground coffee which is available by the carafe side.

In other chance, you can also cling to the single serving with a dual purpose for brewing pods, while ground coffee is embraced on the other hand. You need not worry about these processes because there is a pod holder and a basket for single-serve grounds. In cases where you have tall mugs, cups, or containers that are higher than the coffee maker, you have a removable cup rest at your service.

Additionally, this coffee maker is programmable, hence, you can, with just the touch of a button, pour the coffee into a cup while brewing is still on. You can have a wake-up coffee at ease, and once you are done brewing, the coffee can remain warm, even up to 2 hours, where the power automatically goes off, afterward. Well, you just get to pay $94 to own this.

Plus, you get to see the amount of water you add to your reservoir through the water window. You can also customize the strength of your brewing by making use of the Select-a-Brew option made available. You either go for bold or regular brewing based on preference. Its wattage is 1050, while the voltage is 100120 volts. It also has a touchscreen feature for easy use.

  • Cusinart DCC-3200P1 PerfecTemp

Cuisinart comes with everything you need in a coffee machine, it is highly programmable, and each input is swift in response and processing. It comes with a glass carafe capable of running between one to four cups through its stainless steel.

Without jeopardizing your quality and flavor, this coffee machine keeps brewing at the ideal temperature. Nothing else to worry about because the production is strictly carried out with all necessary technology processes in place.

For your preference, you can either go for the regular strength control or the bold coffee regulation while brewing. To add to the beauty of your catering van, especially the interiors, the coffee machine comes with a stainless-steel-like body as a perfect friend in your kitchen. This can just be yours with a $92-pay.

It is also with a charcoal water filter that makes your filters reusable as well. How could I have forgotten to mention that the filtering system is of two types; charcoal water and gold-tone?

The coffee machine is well built to the extent that you need not have a headache while washing. Weighing 9 pounds, it is light in weight, 240 in voltage, and 1100 watts wattage. Even if your name is Thomas, at this juncture, you should doubt that this is indeed one of the best coffee machines for catering vans, on the market.

  • Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

Your trade goes smoothly when you trust the Ninja CE251 coffee machine to make coffee for your clients. It is set to satisfy them with no bitter taste. The flavoring can be formed to suit your preference; this is possible when you choose the rich or classic feature.

The boiling system is top-notch, it is made with great technology in place to perfectly keep all the coffee cups on high temp plus its one-day programming.  You can even set the system to program the exact taste you want a day before brewing. All you need to do is set the pace, and the machine graces the throats of your customers with splendor.

There is also a warming plate that helps to keep your coffee in the flavor you have chosen over the time of 4 hours. Dishwashing is made easy, as the water reservoir can be removed, even for stressless filling.

It has a plastic and stainless steel look on the outer, and a permanent filtering system. This coffee machine can’t remove your hand when you carry it and you can make up to 12 cups in the full carafe, and 1-4 cups of the coffee amount in a roll. All you need is $79 to have it in your catering van. You would agree that is a great deal as a coffee machine.

  • Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

With a 60 oz fluid capacity, I am pretty sure you rest assured over the satisfaction of your customers, every morning. Just like the aforementioned companies and coffee machines, this also makes you choose between bold or regular coffee flavor strength controls.

You have an exact pouring even when the coffee is brewing. You can put the processes on hold, as you serve the right amount of coffee to whichever cup or container is before the tap.

Speaking about dripping, the coffee is designed in such a way that it cannot mess up your catering van. The water reservoir is built-in, and removing it for either serving or washing is easy. Moving on to the filter, it is high time to stop wasting your money on getting paper filters, because this one comes with a permanent coffee filter.

You also have a water gauge and window showing you the exact rate of the water the in it. How about the digital clock that gives you the room to adjust the level of strength of your flavor and program things on the right preference? You would not want to miss it. The market just demands $49 to encrypt your name on one.

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  • Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Machine

This is your one-stop coffee machine, I promise you will resonate more with my words upon purchase. First, let us get into its full details; it is capable of making 5 cups of coffee in a role, and the compatible feature makes it possible to do several things.

Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine is ideal for your catering van. With just the push of a button, you get your cup served with the barista-graded brewing process. Although this can only work with the Nespresso Vertuo capsules, making this model more unique and dripping in quality.

Able to fit into a latte drink or iced coffee cup, you can conveniently fill 4 different types of brew cups and sizes. First is the 1.35oz button espresso the n the 2.7 oz Double Espresso, straight to Gran Lungo of an upgraded 5 oz, up to the 7.7 0z, isn’t that huge enough?

Do not give yourself an unnecessary headache over coffee cups of large sizes, because it has the best centrifugation technology that makes it easy for you to have an amazing in-cup result.

There is an adjustable tray, in case of dripping occurs, a re-filler with a removable water tank and a jaw-dropping heating system where the coffee gets hot just within 15 seconds of turning it on.

Another unique thing is that the machine comes with a complimentary gift which is a distinct starter set for Nespresso capsules, of which sizes may differ, and a water reservoir of 40 oz. isn’t that amazing?

Lastly, an exclusive and unavoidable feature is the way it allows the dish the right taste of coffee just as you could have programmed. It has over 30 static capsules for both limited editions of capsules and special seasons, which can only be gotten from just this coffee machine maker for your catering van.

This coffee machine is available in three different sizes, hence, you get to pick your preference based on the size of your pocket. However, the latest model, which was made in 2020 costs $172 to own for the magic you want to create with the best coffee machine for your catering van.

  • Sage Oracle Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

The Sage Oracle Espresso coffee machine is programmable, and it comes with a stainless steel body. It has a whooping capacity of 2.5 liters for your pleasure, and it especially features; a cup warmer, cup, integrated coffee grinder, and milk frother.

With a weight of 22 grams, you got to mobilize it around your catering van with an ideal strength. Unparalleled temperature regulation and a great steaming system are also in place.

For the right espresso extraction, you have a feature called PID (serving as a digital control system around the temperature). An LCD gauge and short control give you the full room to view how the whole process gets into your cup at all times.

Lastly, this coffee machine comes with a self-cleaning microfoam for the burner. Its accessories include a 58mm full portafilter that is made in a stainless steel look.

480ml stainless steel milk, water filter, water filter holder, one and two-cup single-wall filter baskets, steam wand spare parts, mini grinds bin, cleaning kit, and some other amazing things.

  • Sage the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine

For a better and excellent coffee at all times, then this duel boiler coffee machine should not be found wanting in your home or catering van. It textures your milk well due to the separate steam boiler that constantly serves you the right temperature.

There are three dimensions for setting the temp, you got the double shot to personalize temperature, manual, and automatic settings as well.

The water reservoir is 2.5 liters, hence you got a lot to go around. The voltage is between 220-240 volts, while the power is 2,200 watts, plus it has included accessories such as a dual wall filter baskets, stainless milk jug cleaning kit, water filter, razor dosing tool with 58mm, and a water hardness test strip.

  • Sage Barista Touch Espresso Machine

This machine is with 4 different formula that helps to put you on top. Its integrated grinder also does justice to beans and any other thing needed to make your cover, all within a minute. You have the exact coffee demand with the most accurate flavor when you embrace its control grinding.

All coffee ingredients and flavor are balanced during brewing as the machine has optimal water pressure. You have just 3 seconds to have the fastest heating system you need for making your coffee.

Without exemptions, all the accessories a coffee machine should have been accustomed to it, ranging from dose trimming tool, water hardness test strip, jug, water filter, and steel portafilter.

  • Sage BES875UK The Barista Express with Temp Control Milk Jug

The Sage BES875UK comes with a stainless steel milk jug that fosters the flavoring of your coffee to have latte art. You can watch your beans grind into espresso within a minute over the perfect integration.

The water pressure is optimized to reduce the pressure in the course of pre-infusion, which helps to balance all the extraction into the cup. Temperature is also properly handled since it has digital temperature control, giving the exact amount of water to your coffee.

Asides from the temperature control milk jug included in the accessories, other things are a filter holder, dose trimming tool, integrated tamper, tablets, cleaning disc, water filter, brush tool, coffee scoop, and dual wall filter baskets.

  • Gaggia RI9380/48 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Gaggia has always been bringing top-notch coffee machines to the market, and the RI9380/48 Classic Pro model is not exempted, this time. It included special features such as a portafilter with a commercial look of 58mm, a 3-way solenoid valve that makes the coffee grounds easily disposed of, and a steam wand that is also commercially styled for milk frothing.

It is available in one size, solid only, but its colors are in variations; Polar White, Industrial Grey, Classic Blue, Cherry Red, Brushed stainless steel, and Thunder Black.

Therefore, you are not limited to a couple of colors that exclude your interest. The controls are easy to regulate and understandable to run. Brewing your coffee happens in a maker of minutes while steaming just takes half a minute, you can see it has a rapid heat-up system. With 1300 wattage, and 120V. This is all you need at home or in your catering van, at least, as a start.

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